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Nikoi Island – Island Paradise

We went to Nikoi Island for our last school break, and I can’t say enough good things about this place.  It is so relaxing, so peaceful, so unique and so fun! If you haven’t tried it yet, you simply must go. It is an easy get away from Singapore. The only downside, bring your deep pockets because it is not a cheap vacation.


We arrived at Nikoi on Thursday morning. We were greeted with friendly staff and checkin was a breeze. Our first task of the day was lunch, and it was really tasty Indonesian food. After lunch, our villa was ready, and we got settled in quite easily. It is amazing, just beautiful. It is my favorite place in the world to sleep. Every night we stayed here, we slept with the windows fully open on one side of the villa. It looks like this:


I think it is my favorite place to sleep because the ocean waves are peaceful, the sea breeze is nice, it is isolated and safe, and the temperature is the perfect sleeping temperature at night.

The kids spent their afternoons hanging around the kids club, where they did various activities led by the staff. They carve wooden weapons for the kids – we came back with a purple wooden sword and a wooden gun. The kids quickly learn that they have total freedom on the island to be kids. They make friends with the other kids and have a blast playing around. Parents can relax. I read a book, we took a stroll around the island. We had a few cocktails and a massage.  You can’t beat it.

We enjoyed the food, the company, the pool and the beaches. We snorkeled a bit. The kids enjoyed the movies every night after dinner. The staff is warm and inviting, and the island is pure serenity.

This was our second trip this year. On the way home the kids were asking when we could go back. Soon, I said. As soon as we can.



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