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Easy Island Getaways from Singapore

People always ask me where to take the kids for long weekends. We decided to explore all of the islands close to home. Here are the top 5 islands we found for an easy escape from Singapore with kids.

Rawa Island Resort


This resort is one of our top two favorites. There are so many funĀ things to do, the snorkeling is abundant, and the food is good. We like Rawa’s cottages – they are comfortable, even if a bit rustic. We loved the beach bar and spent a lot of time there in the ocean. Overall, this one offers the best of both worlds – loads of family fun and a great environment.

Nikoi Island


I can’t say enough good things about Nikoi. While the journey is a bit windy and the seas can be rough on the way over, once you get there it is pure heaven. There is a fantastic kids club, and the kids are able to roam the island and enjoy just being kids. They have a great bar, the rooms are top notch, the food is fantastic, and the staff is warm. What more can you want? Book early, and bring your deep pockets, as this one is pricey.

Batu Batu


We love Batu Batu’s beautiful beaches, their infinity pool, their food and their staff. Their cabins are deluxe, they have air conditioning in the rooms, and the food is quite good. They have a beautiful pool bar and loads of activities for families. Bring your mozzie spray to this one.

Telunas Beach- Unplugged Happiness


There is so much to love about Telunas. The beach is idyllic, the rooms fulfilled my fantasy of sleeping in huts over the water, and my children had a marvelous unplugged vacation. We loved the rooms, and the safe environment for children. Jumping off the pier and the high jump were highlights of the trip. However, we were disappointed by the food, it could have been better.

Sea Gypsy


Sea Gypsy offers a great rustic family getaway. The best things about Sea Gypsy are its shady beaches, its kids club, and its food. We loved it’s family friendly atmosphere, its relaxing vibe, its ice cream bar, and the diving. However, there are a lot of sand flies, and when we were there it was overrun by jellies in the water (an aberration, apparently).

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