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Weekend in Langkawi at the Andaman


We visited Langkawi for the first time, and stayed at the Andaman. It was a wonderful weekend, we really loved our time there and it is truly one of the best Langkawi beach resorts. We would happily stay here again.

We took a cheap flight on Tiger from Singapore, for only $750. There were no issues with the flight, it was a nice plane and it was short and sweet. We arrived in Langkawi and were picked up by the hotel driver. It wasn’t too far of a drive from the airport, but it is further out than most of the hotels. As you approach the entrance, you can tell right away that this Langkawi beach resort is going to be good. It is set in a lush, tropical rainforest, and the building is dramatic and beautiful as you pull up.


We opted for a sea view room, which was awesome. The bed was comfortable, and we were able to sleep our family of four in one room. Breakfast had a lot of variety and everyone was generally happy with their choices, but given the price tag we expected a bit more. The resort is in the style of a grand lodge, but modern. It reminded me of the Ahwahnee hotel in Yosemite.

I can’t even describe how beautiful this Langkawi beach resort is, with the rainforest at the shores for shade and the water lapping along the beach. There are plenty of lounge chairs, swings and activities to do on the beach. We took long walks up and down the beach until we couldn’t go any more. It is really stunning.


Look at this sunset view from our room. The photo above is about 10 minutes before the photo below.


Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the pool, and we couldn’t get them to leave. The food by the pool was good, and the service was outstanding. We spent countless hours enjoying the pool.



One thing that sets this resort apart from the rest is it’s commitment to the local ecology, both the rainforest and the corals that were destroyed by the tsunami. They have a coral nursery, which you can snorkel in and see the corals and lots of cucumbers up close. You snorkel along with a guide, and it is truly a great experience. One evening we took a forest walk, and saw bats, monkeys and other wildlife on the walk. Both of these things are complimentary to guests, and they were really high quality experiences.


Overall we recommend this hotel without hesitation, it was the most amazing Langkawi beach resort. We would happily stay there again, it is truly magical.

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