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More Summer Fun with Camp Mom

Last week was another fun week with the kids. We checked off four more things from our list, and the kids had a great time. Here are the activities we hit last week:

  • Snow City
  • Singapore is all about outrageous fun, and finding Snow City here is quite a treat for the island dwellers. Located next to the Singapore Science Centre and run by the same folks (albeit with a different admission price and tickets are only sold at Snow City), it is a small indoor snow park. They have jackets to loan, as well as gloves and boots to rent. After donning your winter gear, a sweaty feat in the tropics, you enter into the snow chamber. To our surprise, there was a snow hill that kids and adults alike can tube down. The snow is not sticky enough to make a snow ball, but we had fun throwing snow on each other anyway. Bring an extra pair of shoes for later, and make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes before entering, because your shoes will get soaked. Without proper shoes your feet will be freezing. We paid for one hour, which was plenty. By the end, the four year old was crying to leave, she was too cold. The six year old could have stayed another half hour, but she still got her fill in just one hour.

  • Ice Skating
  • Located on the first floor of the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, the ice skating rink was a blast for the six year old. The two of us rented skates for an hour, and I had to buy yet another pair of socks, and despite her having never skated and my having not skated in over 35 years, we did quite alright. The skating rink is not real ice, but rather a synthetic ice surface. I think for a first timer, this was probably a good thing, as we could sit or fall on the ice without getting our seat wet. We both really enjoyed it, so much so that Kate begged me to find her ice skating lessons and to take her to a real ice skating rink. The only negative was being so open, in the middle of the mall, made us feel a bit intimidated by the number of people watching us try. However, after about 15 minutes or so we got the hang of it. For the two of us, we spent about S$25. We topped it off with pizza at Mozza, the famous LA pizza place.

  • Fidgets
  • We decided to go to Fidgets, rather than its pricier competitors Amazonia and GoGoBambini, to save a little money. Fidgets is located in the second floor in the back of Turf City. It is located in the most run down dump of a place that is undergoing renovation, making finding the indoor play space quite a challenge. As you approach, the thought crosses your mind that perhaps it is not safe to let your kids play here, as the building is crumbly and deteriorated. However, inside is nicely done and the children love the play space. They also have a restaurant so parents can enjoy a latte while the kiddos play. I wouldn’t say it is the cleanest place, and the carpets are old and dingy, but the kids enjoyed it and so did my wallet.

  • Crafting Fun
  • Sometimes you have to stay home, and on one particularly rainy day we decided to stay home and do crafts. We have a few of those Creativity for Kids sets, and we decided to make some things at home. Kate, in particular, loves to make things, and Isabel is beginning to have some confidence in her artistic abilities too. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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