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End of the School Year – It’s a Wrap!

At the end of the week our kids finish up the school year.  I can’t believe what a year we’ve had.  It has been an exciting school year for all involved.  Katherine is finishing up Grade One and Isabel finishes up Kindergarten 1.  What an amazing educational experience these two have had!

When we arrived in Singapore, Katherine was a bit behind.  Apparently her California Distinguished School left her ill prepared for international schooling.  She spent the first half of the year catching up on her reading and math skills to grade level, at least as defined by her peers here.  Ironically, last year I was told she was doing really well in school, so it was a bit of a surprise to find her behind.  Now she is ahead of grade level. She reads crazy fast, not quite as well as an adult, but not much stumps her.   Oddly, I feel like she completely skipped the sounding out phase, like it just clicked one day and she got it.

Isabel has learned so much in KG1, and I really look forward to seeing what she does next year.  This year she started reading, learned to spell simple words, learned addition and subtraction up to 5, and her writing has improved by leaps and bounds.  Next year she will be in KG2, which is the equivalent to kindergarten in the States.  She is ripe for learning, I can just tell.  Her teacher has really sparked her interest.

Even more amazing has been the daily language classes.  My kids are learning Mandarin, and Kate has an hour a day.  Isabel gets it three times a week.  They are making huge strides in their class and I love hearing them speak it!

What impresses me most about the school is their focus on making kids inquirers.  They don’t just shovel information to them.  They encourage them to ask questions and take risks.  I think they both seem more academically confident, and I don’t think it’s just their age.  I think the school has challenged them and they have risen to the challenge.  I love seeing kids excited to learn!

Our plans for the summer are a bit up in the air.  We may go to New York and Maryland for a few weeks.  We may stay here and travel locally.  This week the kids and I came up with a list of must do activities for the summer.  Our goal is to hit three a week.  First on the list, the Bird Park.

We are looking forward to an exciting summer!

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  1. My husband is in the foreign service and we are thinking Singapor is next! Glad I ran into your blog! We have two daughters, one beginning kindergarten, what schools do you recommend?

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