Changing the Way We Eat, One Salad at a Time

I have been feeling a bit sluggish and hormonally off, so on the advice of a friend, I sought the help of Singapore’s nutrition guru, Susie Rucker. I have to say, her sessions have been extremely informative and helpful, and six weeks after the first visit, I can see a huge difference in the way I feel.

In my first visit with Susie, she spent an hour and a half analyzing my diet and exercise habits, and we discussed my goals as far as what I was hoping to get out of the sessions. At first I was a bit skeptical. Apparently I was doing almost everything wrong, what a surprise. We made some big changes and some small changes to my diet. The difference is striking. If I could find the willpower to follow her advice every meal, every day I am sure I would be in great shape. Here’s to giving it a go!

According to Susie, I am sending my body on a roller coaster ride throuout the day, stressing my adrenal glands and my liver. My body thinks it is in starvation mode because I am not eating properly during the early part of the day, and it drives me to eat carbs that I shouldn’t have. My biggest mistake has been delaying breakfast until around 10 or 11 am in the morning. I wake up at 7. Normally I would ride on coffee with milk and sugar until midmorning, and then when I was starving, eat a muffin or some cereal. Apparently this is the way to crash your hormones and ruin your energy for the day. Susie’s first rule for me is no coffee until I have eaten a proper breakfast. This has been a great motivator for me, because I certainly need my morning cup of Joe.

Susie did a hair analysis and the results showed my nutrient levels were low in every single nutrient. The good news is I have no toxicity from mercury, lead or others. Apparently my organic obsession has had some benefit. The problem I have is with nutrient absorption. I, the true carnivore, need more protein in my diet, preferably early in the day. I need more fish, so I have been having fish 4-5 times a week. This works out well here, since seafood is plentiful, fresh and cheap. I am down to red meat once a week, and the rest chicken and other types of seafood. I can still have the occasional steak, so things are not all bad.

Some of the advice I have heard before, like fill half your plate with vegetables. Other advice, like eliminate milk, is new to me. Considering how much dairy I had been having, this is the toughest part of the advice. I am now using oat milk in my coffee, having “porridge” with apples and cinnamon (this is really oatmeal), and eating nut based muesli with the oat milk. She is convinced I need more legumes in my diet, but those of you who know me well understand this is nearly impossible given my disdain for all things bean. I have agreed to eat more hummus.

Things I love that are still on my diet include chips and fresh salsa, goat cheese, nut butters, and fried rice (brown, with veggies, chicken and coconut oil). Things I have to part with include string cheese and cheese in general, pizza (gasp), pasta and whole wheat bread. I have resigned myself to a life without cola, but I had already cut down to once a week anyway. We all know it is not good for you, but I do love it so. Things I have tried thanks to Susie that I actually like are soba noodles, chia shots, smoked salmon and muesli.

My hair analysis showed that all minerals were on the low side, and in particular I showed low magnesium and low phosphorus levels. These were my two most disappointing minerals. Apparently magnesium is needed for almost all intracellular enzymatic functions and deficiency can lead to asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Since I have no desire to get any of these diseases, I will be correcting the deficiency ASAP.

I have to say I am surprised by my willingness to change my ways. Partly, I think when a parent dies of cancer you have to do a little inward analysis. I also think reaching 40 makes you realize the time to get healthy and ensure good health in your golden years is now. Having children and wanting to set a good example for them helps too. Lastly, finding someone like Susie who will have a frank, lengthy and detailed analysis of your habits is a blessing, too. Who, in this day and age, will spend an hour and a half with you discussing nutrition tailored to your health issues? It was well worth the time and money, truly remarkable and valuable. I can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s to a healthier and hopefully longer life!


  1. Must call her!!!! This sounds great. What about alcohol? Lol I do exactly what you did- live off my cup of coffee with milk and sugar and then nothing sometimes until 4 and I gorge myself with Oreo cookies! Ugh! Proud of you for sticking too it!! I’m going to check it out!

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