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People often ask me if I am bored because I am not working. I tell them what I say to my kids, that being bored means you are not smart enough to find something to do. Boredom has never been a problem for me. Today was one of those days when I felt like life as an expat’s wife couldn’t be rosier. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes the lifestyle clicks. Here’s how I spent my day.

I woke up and got the kids off to school for their 7:50 bus. It wasn’t easy, and it never is, but we made it in time. Then I took a long exhale after the rush. For about two hours, I drank my coffee, had breakfast, planned my day and read the New York Times. I donned my swimsuit, then headed out to the pool.

The weather was really hot, and it was really sunny. When I started there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. By the end of my swim, there were quite a few. I swam for two whole hours, not because I love to workout – I don’t. I did it because I could. I did it because the weather was beautiful. I did it because I am still in the kind of shape where I can swim for two hours I did it in pursuit of my New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds, and I did it because as an expat wife, I had the time on my hands. It was nothing short of awesome. The air was hot on my back, but the water was refreshingly cool. It was relaxing and calming, although the last 10 minutes were brutal. I had the entire 50 meter lap pool to myself for two hours. One wife was lazing next to the pool reading, and at about the two hour mark, she decided to swim one 50 meter lap. However she had her bikini body back already, so who am I to judge? It was some well deserved time alone with my thoughts.

After the pool, I showered and got ready to go by the school. I had a quick lunch then called a taxi. At school, the first graders were doing a skit they had practiced in their drama class. I stayed for the whole assembly. The kids were adorable. My kid was happy I was there.

I said hello to the other moms (because here mostly moms go to these things), then headed out to Takashimaya, my new favorite department store. I visited Cold Storage to pick up some grub for the kids to eat for dinner, then headed back home. I checked email and then went to pick up the kids at the condo entrance.

The kids arrived and they were beyond excited that I had arranged a play date and their friends were coming over. Our helper had made banana bread, so we filled our tummies and chatted about school. The friends arrived, and the kids played while the moms had a little visit. Around dinner time, the friends went home and our helper prepared dinner. I got the kids started eating, then got ready for my mom’s night out for one of the kids’ classrooms.

I went to dinner with about 12 other moms, and we had a great discussion about kids, school, and our sex lives. That was, of course, after three bottles of wine and a round of cosmos. It was great to chat with so many people in the same position. Our class is made up of newcomers to Singapore, so we all started out with something in common. We hailed cabs streetside (gasp) and headed back home.

Overall, it was one of those days where you think, wow, I really have a nice life.


  1. Completely agree with your point that bored people lack imagination. Right before my daughter was born, I was in Hong Kong on my own most days for the 5 weeks prior to her birth. (I was waiting for her to born there rather than in mainland China–I needed my first labor to be in English). Everyone kept asking me whether I was bored. I thought they were all mad; days to myself in Hong Kong to browse bookstores, sit in Starbucks, see a few sights, go for walks, etc. I was in heaven!

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time in Singapore. We’re Americans currently in the UK, but will be moving back to Asia (this time Hong Kong based) in short six weeks. Bring on the heat.

  2. This sounds lovely and I must say I am very jealous! I would welcome such a day. You insired me ti email the room mom of my class since i have yet to be inteoduced to one parent in our class! (thank goodness for the PTA and KC or i would e one very lonely soul) Love all the tips in your blog! Thanks for sharing

  3. I kept being asked if I was bored too…even received some hurtful comments from certain individuals on how a person would become useless and lazy when he/she has stopped working. In reality, being an expat’s wife allows me to gain a lot more knowledge than ever.

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