Life in Singapore

Speaking Singlish

Today I was taking a taxi, and the conversation went something like this:

“I’m going to Farrer Road.”
“What condo?”
“[named condo]”
“[repeats condo name], lah?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“Ah, you speak Singlish! Yeah, yeah, just like in Singapore! Where you learn Singlish?”
“Taxi drivers!”
“Taxi drivers, lah!” Hysterical laughter ensues. “You oso say No problem, lah? Can can?”
“Yeah yeah, can can!”

I explained being quite a chameleon, having a military upbringing, picking up local accents. Why can’t I pick up a nice Aussie accent, or a British one like my friend Donna, also a chameleon? Instead, I pick up Singlish, the very accent that I have trouble following! Too funny.

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