Feeling Marginalized

This week I’m feeling a bit marginalized in Singapore. I love it here, but I’m feeling like a second class citizen as we set up our house and finances here. Joel is on an employment pass, and the kids and I are on dependent passes. What is getting to me this week is the fact that I seem to be dependent on Joel for basic decisions.

For example, I went to Singtel to discuss iPhone plans. Seems Joel can get a plan for me, no deposit necessary, but to get one for myself, they require an $800 deposit. Anything that requires a financial commitment, like getting cable, utilities, etc., is treated the same way. I feel a bit disempowered.

When we got our bank account, they didn’t even issue a debit card for me. Joel had to ask them to do so, and then they tried initially to give me just the ATM card and not the cool SMRT card that works with the MRT. Without even asking me my occupation, the agent entered it as housewife. How presumptive! At least the Singapore government wanted my education level when it issued my pass. I don’t think I have ever thought of myself as a housewife.

On our lease, my name is not mentioned anywhere. It says Joel and family. It just isn’t done that way at home, and it makes me feel a little useless.

Oh well. I guess I will go down and have a cocktail by the pool.


  1. I had exactly same experiences coming to the US. When I tried to get a loan for a car I got offered 23% interest rate. Bargain !

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