Hair Bling

Hair Bling

In the U.S, I found the selection of hair jewelry to be almost nonexistent, At best, you can find hair clips at Target made from plastic, but mostly they are not so impressive. I do not recall seeing fancy hair clips at department stores, and I have looked in the past.

Here, however, I kept seeing women wearing their hair clipped back with the most beautiful jewelry for the hair, or what I like to call hair bling. I found one beautiful comb with pearls, silk and beads at Tangs, a Malaysian department store. It was pricey, what you would expect to pay for costume jewelry necklace at Macy’s back home. I love this piece! It looks great in my hair. Yesterday, I was wandering around a local mall, a mostly Caucasian free zone, and found a bling shop with even more well adorned hair clips!

Imagine my surprise when these well-made hair clips were being sold 3 for $10! In USD, that is about $8.50. Finally a bargain! These are cheaper than a pack of string cheese! Granted, these beads appear to be plastic, but the clip itself is heavy and metal, seemingly strong enough to hold the thickest of hair. Not a problem I have, of course, but they are not seeking me out as a customer. I bought hair bling for myself and the kids, and when the days are hot, as they usually are, you will find us sparkling with our new hair bling! Joel thinks I should sell them on eBay! What do you think?

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